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we are Marven, Lana and Zoey.
Lana and Zoey are identical twins, which is why they have the same defect.
Both of them can neither talk nor chew.
We don’t have a diagnosis. In the beginning, the prognoses were very grim as Zoey was in a long coma after she was born.

Thanks to dolphin assisted therapy, my two sweethearts can walk now. Zoey learned how to walk during the first therapy on Curaçao in 2009, and Lana during the second therapy in 2010.

During the following two therapies in 2011 and 2012 on Curaçao, their cognitive abilities and contact with supported communication approved.

They love this kind of therapy and fully enjoy their time there. It’s just incredibly beautiful.

If you have any questions about Curaçao and the therapy, I’m happy to be at your disposal 😊

Kind regards
Marven, Lana and Zoey

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