Lorenz Freiburg

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Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 40, 64646 Heppenheim, Germany

E-mail: LFreiburg@LFreiburg.de


I’m a self-employed tax accountant in Heppenheim. My wife is a tax accountant as well. We have two sons. Both children carry the FRAXE gene, the older one is on the infantile autism spectrum.

In 2011, we booked dolphin assisted therapy on Curaçao for our older son for the first time. As we felt affirmed by the huge success, we did another therapy in 2012 with both children and have gone there regularly since. Apart from the pleasant climate, we like about Curaçao the professionalism of CDTC that helped our children a lot. Since the accommodation facilities and the therapy centre are in close range, it was very easy to get in great touch with the other families participating in the therapy. We are happy to share our knowledge with other families and are at your disposal regarding tax related questions about dolphin assisted therapy.

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