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CSR / Social Sponsoring / Corporate partnership

The German economy realised that “social sponsoring” is an excellent marketing tool and influences customers in their purchase decision.

But it also has a positive effect on the internal benefit for your company: International studies show that up to 80 % of all employees identify more strongly with a company and are more loyal if it represents social values.

Through a partnership with dolphin aid, your company can take social responsibility and document their commitment publicly. You can also involve your staff, clients and business partners.

If you actively involve your commitment for the likeable subject of dolphin aid in your marketing activities, we are convinced that your company’s reputation will develop positively, which will contribute to a considerable competitive advantage.

The external effect regarding social skills, strengthening of brand and image as well as customer loyalty can ideally be accomplished with the subject dolphin aid.

Social skills/Staff loyalty and motivation/Involvement of staff

A highly interesting aspect is a study of the “Institute Industrial Society”.
According to this survey, 82 % of highly qualified applicants refuse to work for a company that doesn’t share their ideals.

The institute “Ipos” documented in a study, that six out of ten employed persons want to work in a socially sponsoring company. This reveals that the social skills demanded by employees obviously aren’t empty clichés. We think, that by its very likeable purpose, dolphin aid can create a stronger staff motivation and loyalty to your company.

The employees that would like to support their employer’s commitment can be actively involved by the management, e.g. by involving the works committee to donate the decimal place of their salary (also known as payroll giving, remnant cent donation or salary donation) to dolphin aid – such a simple way to permanently contribute to a greater cause and become a part of the campaign. With a maximum of 99 cents, the monthly donation is very manageable. Your company could double every cent that is donated this way.

Sponsoring of dolphin aid events

Your company has the option to act as a partial or title sponsor in the context of the annual dolphin aid events, like the annual fund-raiser “Dolphin’s Night” or the “Mallorca Golf Challenge”. Find out more in our events.

Besides many celebrities and good public relations as well as media exposure, those events are an excellent advertising rostrum and the opportunity to involve important clients or partners in these events.

There’s great benefit for your company. In a nutshell:

  • Reduction of the tax base, because every donation for dolphin aid is fully tax deductible
  • Set yourself apart from the competition with an all-round positive public image
  • Demonstration of social commitment
  • Replace standard advertising with likeable content of a positively received subject
  • Above-average media presence
  • Internal usage of sponsoring – to motivate the staff
  • The famous dolphin aid ambassadors are at your disposal for your internal corporate events (depending on availability and arrangement of the joint corporation)
  • Your company doesn’t “disappear” in a logo cemetery of sponsors which is often the case with anonymous big enterprises … we cultivate our partnership
  • With dolphin aid, your company has a partner of high reputation and that is known for reliability

The possibilities of a cooperation are versatile – the joint creativity is the limit!

We are happy to draft an individual concept for your company in order to achieve a win-win situation.

Of course, individual or regular donations (e.g. monthly) are also possible and more than welcome!

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