Heidi Bakala

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Florida and CDTC

Weilerstr. 9, 73469 Utzmemmingen, Germany

Phone: 0049 9081/2721823 or 0049 9081/2721853
Mobile phone: 0049 160/99415759
E-mail: bakalaheidi@gmx.de


It all started when my husband Martin was involved in a traffic accident on 13th July 1997. He broke several bones, and a day later he suffered from fat embolism syndrome and his lungs stopped working. Now, his diagnosis is hypoxic brain damage after an embolism. In March 2001, Dr. Bernius operated my husband’s legs in Munich. When I found out during a conversation that he is a member of dolphin aid’s medical advisory board and that adults can get the therapy as well, I registered Martin. This is how I got in touch with dolphin aid for the first time. Five months later we flew to Florida to attend our first therapy. Martin made great progress and for me, it was like a miracle that Martin regained his lust for life. He wanted to live again and hang on.

This kind of therapy doesn’t only help children, but also adults.

So, it was crystal clear to me that I wanted to represent and support the adults in the parents’ association.

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