The therapy centres

There are no economic connections to the therapy centres. dolphin aid doesn’t run its own therapy centre but is a pure aid organisation and therefore completely independent.

However, the medical-scientific advisory board of dolphin aid has certified two centres worldwide:

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

Curaçao Dolphin Therapy Center

The therapy centre on Curaçao has been collaborating closely with dolphin aid since 2004. The objective of this cooperation is to create treatment units on the highest level. The dolphin aid therapy, which dolphin aid created for the Curaçao Dolphin Therapy Center, is based on the current state of medical research and highlights the free interaction between dolphin and patient. This is supposed to accelerate the patient’s positive development, an increase in their quality of life and a positive rehabilitation. dolphin aid has put all their know-how into this kind of therapy. The whole setup of the therapy is subject to dolphin aid’s strict certification rules, and the medical-scientific advisory board as well as founder Kirsten Kuhnert keep a strict eye on those rules being followed. These include not only the selection of highly qualified therapists and physicians but also to make sure that the environment is treated respectfully – in consideration of the current nature and animal welfare regulations. For dolphin aid, the adequate animal welfare of the dolphins is a basic requirement for the success of dolphin assisted therapy. In the Curaçao Dolphin Therapy Center, the dolphins are kept in a natural bay with excellent water quality. Both humans and animals will find natural conditions to interact with each other. With its holistic concept, the Curaçao Dolphin Therapy Center offers the ideal premises for an efficient therapy.

Island Dolphin Care, Florida, Key Largo

The Island Dolphin Care therapy centre is run by Deena and Peter Hoagland (master’s degree in clinical social work). After successfully participating in the “classroom” and on the platform, the children are rewarded by swimming with the dolphins. The biggest achievements can be made with autistic, maladjusted and abused children. To ensure the requirements of a successful therapy, the participating children must be older than three years, have their own head posture and be free of seizures.

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