Information for those affected

As an aid organisation whose main objective is to offer dolphin assisted therapy for handicapped persons (focussing on children), dolphin aid e.V. is happy to assist you with words and deeds. Below you find detailed information that will help you with your initial registration for dolphin assisted therapy.

Registration process for dolphin assisted therapy

Please download the information material and the questionnaire in order to prepare for dolphin assisted therapy. Fill out the questionnaire completely and return it to us with a current doctor’s report containing the diagnosis. Don’t forget to let us know which therapeutic centre you would prefer (here you can find the centres cooperating with dolphin aid). Please send the documents to:

dolphin aid e.V.
Angermunder Str. 9
40489 Düsseldorf


Fax: 0049 203 74 81 063

Your request isn’t binding and completely free of charge. Of course, your personal data is subject to data protection.

After viewing your documents, we will get in touch with you in order to elaborate the further procedure and to answer your questions. Please check out our FAQ. We have put these together according to the needs and concerns of many families and patients, as certain questions accumulate in the beginning of one’s first dolphin assisted therapy.

Of course, we are at your disposal for a personal chat. Our parents‘ association is happy to help you, too.

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