Philipp Fugmann

Clinical picture: epileptic spasms, thus developmental deficiencies

Family Fugmann writes:

Dear dolphin aid team,

they say that all good things come in three. We can definitely vouch for that. This is why we take our time to write you a thank-you-letter.

But first things first. We experienced our first dolphin assisted therapy in March 2001, and it has been the most effective. Because after this therapy, Philipp got the impulse to talk by himself. At this time, Dreamer was his beastly speech therapist. Although this dolphin, that is very special to us, unfortunately swims in dolphin heaven now, his memory is still very vivid in our family.

As Philipp has made progress in every aspect after this therapy, we decided to plan another one.

We would like to mention that this wouldn’t have been possible without financial support. A special thanks goes to dolphin aid, to „Bild hilft”, to DVG and the municipal utilities and last but not least to several family members. Like an aunt says: We are only strong together.

The second therapy in November 2002 wasn’t as successful. Philipp did make small progress here and there, but the external factors didn’t quite match this time. It has been the coldest November in a long time and dolphin lady Nicky wasn’t always very focused. (As it turned out later, she was pregnant)

The third therapy, now in July 2004, wasn’t supposed to take place. I thought that the dolphins wouldn’t be able to help Philipp any longer, because he only made such little progress during the last therapies. What more to expect? The only thing would be for him to start talking short sentences. And this is exactly what happened.

Right in the beginning of the first therapy lesson with Alfonz we heard Philipp say at the docks: “I want to swim.” We couldn’t believe it. Our biggest wish has come true. Thank you, Dreamer, thank you, Nicki, thank you, Alfonz.

We believe that this most recent therapy was the nicest one for Philipp. He wasn’t afraid at all and had a lot of fun. When we told Rik, Philipp was allowed to swim alone with Alfonz. Philipp was so proud.

When Philipp gets home after a long day of school and therapy, he can perfectly relax watching his dolphin video. We believe that it takes him back to the dolphins in Florida.

Again, a big thank you to everyone.

Kind regards
Family Fugmann

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