Lukas Börner

Clinical picture: no diagnosis, developmental deficiencies, autistic traits

Achievements after three weeks:

  • Improved motor skills
  • More flexible course of movement
  • Strongly improved eye-hand-coordination
  • Strongly improved social behaviour (approaching other people)
  • Improved eye contact

Michael Börner, Lukas‘ father, writes to Kirsten Kuhnert, founder of dolphin aid, after the first therapy in Florida:

Dear Kirsten,

allow me to express my deepest gratitude to dolphin aid as a follow-up to our joint trip to Florida.

I think it’s only been due to your personal commitment that LTU sponsored the flights for free. It’s already been super great that we got a cheaper therapy, the cut-rate rental car and the hotel room for a top price.

But it wasn’t only the material things that made the trip such a huge success, but also many small amenities thanks to your organisation. We would like to particularly thank you for organising the barbeque with the therapists.

On this night I got to know our therapist Danny very well, so that he will come visit us for three weeks this January following our invitation.

We are already looking forward to our next dolphin assisted therapy for Lukas.



Silke Baumgarten, qualified social education and equestrian worker (Lukas’ therapist):

Dear family Börner,

I would like to share my impression of Lukas after dolphin assisted therapy with you: Lukas approaches the pony more spontaneously and specifically on a tactile and visual level. Lukas shows more clearly that he would like to sit on his pony Ferdinand. He meets with eye contact more often and is able to keep it up longer.

Kind regards Silke Baumgarten

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