Kai Molter

Clinical picture: autism

Kai’s mother, Christine Molter, writes:

Dear dolphin aid team,

Unfortunately, we are back again. We had a beautiful time on Curaçao and intense feelings during the time of therapy.

On his first day, Kai was very excited and fidgety when going in the water to Nemo. Nemo was a bit sceptical and kept on swimming away. The therapist had to wrap around his legs so that the dolphin would approach him.

But Kai understood within a short amount of time that he had to be calmer when he was approaching the dolphin.

All in all, the therapy had a very good structure. The kid was prepared for half an hour. He had to deal with pictograms (which he found to be pretty hard in the beginning). After that, he spent approximately one hour at the dock and in the water.

After that he took a shower. The parents learned what “happened to him” during the preparation time and what was possible doing with him. During the second week, the therapist found a way for Kai to participate in tongue exercises. He participated eagerly (he wanted to be with Nemo at all costs). In addition to that, Kai learned swimming during the first week without floating aid. He was super proud.

We can’t describe our feelings and can’t thank dolphin aid enough for making the therapy come true.

We would love to go back to Curaçao. But for financial reasons, we won’t be able to make it in the next two years.

Thank you very, very much for this beautiful time.

Best regards
Christine Molter and family

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