Christian Herz

Clinical picture: walking disability, speech impediment (very slow articulation)

Family Herz writes:

Dear dolphin aid team,

we’ve been back from Key Largo for a week now and wanted to thank you that Christian could be a part of dolphin assisted therapy.

The journey was organised perfectly and all of us felt very comfortable.

Our thoughts still go back to Key Largo. We have enjoyed every hour and still feel Spunky’s skin beneath our hands. The team in Key Largo was very cordial and compassionate.

Christian swam with Spunky who immediately felt the weakness in Christian’s hands and feet. Therapist Tina said that Spunky loves Christian’s feet. Feet that just recently learned to walk and that are soft like babies’ feet. Hands that try to write. Christian is 17 years old.

Right after the first session, Tina developed a concept. We were impressed how quickly she responded to Christian’s needs. They made exercises to improve language and movement. We agreed on everything in advance.

Of course, these exercises had to be done in the water with Spunky. We said that Christian could swim a bit, but that he wasn’t able to move his arms and legs simultaneously (e.g. during breaststroke).

In the second week, Christian was able to move his arms and legs simultaneously!!!! The brain gave the impulse to the muscles!!!!

Spunky helped with the speech training, too. Christian has gargled under water and Spunky joined in.

The articulation has become more precise. Even a friend of school addressed him about this after his return.

When looking at the pictures of Christian and Spunky you can see pure joy and a connection between those two.

I want to say hi to everybody contributing to the huge success of the therapy. Many thanks to Kirsten Kuhnert who welcomed us cordially at the airport, accompanied us to Key Largo and awarded us with the “golden palm” for joining the parents’ meeting right after.

Thank you very much.

Family Herz

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