Angelina Emming

Clinical picture: severe psychomotor deficiency, speech and mental deficiencies, epilepsy

Family Emming writes:

Dear dolphin aid team!

Today, the family Emming/Peperkorn from Gladbeck would like to thank the whole dolphin aid team with all our hearts for the awesome counselling, organisation and supervision of Angelina’s dolphin assisted therapy with DHT in Florida.

Before starting our three week long trip on February 13th 2004, we never would have thought such a huge success would have been possible … we did have some ideas and hopes, but those have been exceeded a lot.

Our Angelina, seven years old, has made great progress during therapy, and even six weeks after returning from Florida, all therapists, teachers and family members are excited about Angelina’s motivation.

Her motor function, posture, cognition, self-confidence and zest for action have increased immensely. There also have been great achievements regarding her speech: Angelina can communicate her needs via pictograms and short three-word-sentences, like “I do alone” or “Help me”.

In addition, she is more approachable and open towards strangers and therapists, which means it has been possible to work with her in a better and more effective way in the subsequent therapies. We are eternally grateful to all of you, not to forget the staff doing their work in the background, for the great achievements made.

Your great work gave a child the prospect of a better life, and we can give hope to all affected parents to fight this fight and enable dolphin assisted therapy to their child, even though raising the money for it can be very exhausting, but it’s worth it and we try everything to make another therapy happen to our sweet one in two years. A very special thanks goes to Kirsten Kuhnert for her commitment with the foundation of and work for this association. We have got to know her as a very committed, friendly, helpful, compassionate, always cheerful and strong woman who is always there for her dolphin aid families.

We wish Kiki and her family all the best for their future and the required strength and health to remain strong and organise everything and we hope to see everybody alive and kicking in two years’ time.

Many thanks to Karin Kepplinger (Kirsten Kuhnert’s right-hand woman in Miami) and the whole DHT team in Florida, that made us feel to be part of a big family from the very first moment.

We will definitely come back and treasure everybody. You have done an excellent job.

Here is a little “Thank you”-poem for everybody making dolphin assisted therapy possible for us:

“Thank you” are two wonderful words
With which we express our gratitude.
But behind those words, there is so much more.
If it comes from the heart
From the most beautiful feelings deep down inside
And the warmest thoughts, then “Thank you” means so much more.
It means gratitude for taking time for me.
It means “You have made my day”, and sometimes it means
That you have made my whole life so much better.
It means that I feel so comfortable,
And I wish that I could do the same for you
Just by telling you, how much you mean to me.
“Thank you” means
That you didn’t have to do this, but you did it anyway.
“Thank you” means that you have done something very special I will never forget.

Here is the link to our homepage where you can read everything about Angelina’s dolphin assisted therapy and watch some videos:

And here is the link to our first homepage including all donation campaigns etc. and Angelina’s whole development:

We wish you furthermore the strength and commitment to help many other children to participate in dolphin assisted therapy, a lot of fun on the way and tons of positive feedback.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date regarding Angelina’s development.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Yours sincerely,

a very happy family Emming

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