Alexander Christmann

Clinical picture: intellectual disability, erethism, disorder of speech development, acroataxia, temporal lobe epilepsy

Family Christmann writes:

Hello dear dolphin aid team!

After being back for a month now, family Christmann would like to thank you a thousand times and more. Mrs. Oßenschmidt and every one of you did such a great job organising the trip so that only the airports on our way to Curaçao were stressful thanks to our “patient” son Alexander.

Upon arriving in our apartment, we felt like getting to paradise. As a bit of grocery shopping has already been taken care of, we only had to make sure to fill the fridge ourselves for the upcoming fourteen days. But even that was uncomplicated, as we would be brought to the supermarket and back upon request. So, this was a perfect holiday for us. I can’t remember the last time since having kids that we’ve spent such a relaxing vacation.

Alexander’s therapy was very intense, caring and professionally designed to his needs. After leaving our boy with Kerstin and Matthias, I knew from the very first moment that he is with friends. Alexander instantly liked his therapists, Esther and Rudolf, and of course his dolphin Nemo. The therapists involved Maximilian, Alexander’s big brother, right from the start. He particularly grew fond of Lisa. We were all proud that we’ve got to know Kiki, Dr. Lindemann with his wife, Petra (editor’s note: Petra Stadler) and Barbara (Becker).

By reading Kiki’s books I already knew that she is a great and strong woman. On Curaçao I have got to know her as a dear friend for our Maximilian, committed and apprehensive chairwoman of dolphin aid and a wonderful, strong and very sensitive woman. I am very grateful for this encounter.

The whole team was always there for us and we never had the feeling of being unwanted. Being almost 43 years old, I felt secure and understood for the first time in my life – and free of that feeling to constantly apologise for Alexander behaving the way he often does. We are certain to do another therapy in October 2006 autumn half-term. Until then we will have saved the money if everything goes according to plan.

The therapy has already worked very well for Alexander. Our priority for him was to learn rules and accept boundaries as well as his pronunciation. Kerstin and Matthias set the foundation and showed us the right way.

Alexander’s teacher and his child care worker were very pleased about the report on Curaçao. Both of them felt validated as they work according to the same principles.

A big thank you to each and every one of you for your work and effort. It’s great to know there are people like you.

Yours sincerely
Your Elvira Christmann and the rest of the Christmann family

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