Anette Gutsche-Lindner

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Singener Weg 18, 14163 Berlin

Phone: 0049 30/8018931


My name is Anette Gutsche-Lindner. I am a physiotherapist and mother of Marie, Julia who acquired cerebral palsy and tetraparesis during birth and Hannes who suffers from a malignant tumour (Neuroblastoma III). When my son fell ill for the first time because of the tumour and went through a five-month-hell of chemotherapy, operations and scary tests, dolphin aid enabled a two-week dolphin assisted therapy for us in Florida. Both for Hannes and for Julia. Thanks to the positive impressions, my son regained his lust for life, my handicapped daughter easily made great progress in her physical perception. My older daughter, who was suffering a lot from my permanent absence and the constant fear surrounding her brother, found her way back to being a child again, and I slowly and gradually learned to let go of my children a bit as the team of DHT took over some of the responsibility to look after them. Since this time, I have grown very fond of the dolphin aid staff and have highest respect for their tireless efforts, especially those of Kiki Kuhnert. Never in my life have I experienced so much helpfulness before. I wish to give energy and hope to as many parents as possible with my own experience. This is the reason I joined the parents’ association.

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