dolphin aid – Changing Lives. Touching Hearts.

dolphin aid has set the goal to enable the important dolphin assisted therapy to as many children and adults as possible.

Dolphin assisted therapy often implies the beginning of a person’s recovery – and the start to a better future is the most beautiful gift we can give to a handicapped child or adult!

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Famous ambassadors are an important part of every non-profit organisation’s foundation. dolphin aid e.V. is very proud to have notable ambassadors from different areas by its side.

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When a sick, handicapped or traumatised child speaks its very first word, walks its first step, or if a child’s spastic hand gets a hold of the dolphin’s dorsal fin, then this is an achievement of dolphin assisted therapy. And of course, this applies to adults as well.
Please help us make more achievements like this become reality.

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Changing lives. Touching hearts. Moving you.

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